Summer time and berry recipes go hand in hand. And who can say no to fresh strawberry recipes? No one! Here are 15 fabulous strawberry recipes for summer that everyone will love.

One of the things I love about the warm summer months is the berry haul that each bit of these sunny days provides. And there is no shortage of berry recipes to be had. Strawberries are the first to hit in the Seattle area. Blueberries are next, and blackberries always come on last. So I’m getting the best of the season in right now!

In our stock tank garden at the front of our house, the one request from my son was strawberries and snap peas – which he calls to this day “snack peas”. I’m never going to tell him to change that. But we will always a few berry plants ready just to pick those little sweet treats out of the garden for that burst of fresh flavor on our way in and out of the house on the daily during those early summer months.

When I really need a big fix, I take the boys out to the local strawberry field so we can make a huge haul so I can make strawberry jam, strawberry daiquiris, or this fabulous strawberry pie recipe you will see below with a gorgeous golden brown crumble! Of course there is no shortage of strawberry shortcake with a Grand Marnier syrup and orange whipped cream, too!

Deep Dish Strawberry Crumble Pie

The ultimate summer treat, a perfectly gorgeous red strawberry crumble pie.

Overhead view of fresh strawberry and cream cheese danishes on a wire rack on a white background

Fresh Strawberry and Cream Cheese Danishes

Make the most out of summer with these fresh strawberry and cream cheese danishes! By using store-bought puff pastry, they come together in a snap.

Avocado Coleslaw with Stone Fruit and Berries - So perfect for summer!! And it's paleo, Whole30, and vegan friendly!

Avocado Coleslaw with Stone Fruit and Berries

This Avocado Coleslaw with Stone Fruit and Berries is a summer staple to serve with all your grilling dishes!

Strawberrry Rhubarb Jam being spooned out of a jar

Small Batch Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Small Batch Strawberry Rhubarb Jam is an easy recipe for beginners, and those who don’t want endless jars hanging around! Only five ingredients needed!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cream Puffs

Easier than you imagine, these chocolate covered strawberry cream puffs are dreamy! A few simple steps will get you on your way to fancy French patisserie.

Strawberry Chocolate Swirl No Churn Ice Cream

An easy strawberry chocolate swirled no churn ice cream for summer!

Honey Roasted Strawberry Bruschetta with Lavender Goat Cheese

Honey Roasted Strawberry Bruschetta with Goat Cheese

Fresh and fruity, this Honey Roasted Strawberry Bruschetta with Honeyed Goat Cheese is a lovely accompaniment to your summer soiree. Pair it with a light white wine and enjoy in the summer sun!

Strawberry Guava Mint Agua Fresca

Strawberry Guava Mint Agua Fresca

Mix a batch of these strawberry guava mint agua fresca for your next get together! They are refreshing and easy for a hot summer day. Add a little tequila for a boozy twist!

Strawberry Cheesecake Eclairs on a blue background and cooling rack

Strawberry Cheesecake Eclairs

Fresh, flavorful strawberries and an easy no bake cheesecake filling make these strawberry cheesecake eclairs a dessert for every summer occasion.

Nutella Strawberry Panini - With ICE CREAM OF COURSE!!

Nutella Strawberry Panini

Sometimes you just need chocolate! Have this ooey gooey Nutella Strawberry Panini when the craving strikes! And don’t forget the ice cream!

Strawberry Honey Mustard South Carolina Style BBQ Sauce - The best grilled chicken you will ever have from

Strawberry Honey Mustard South Carolina Style BBQ Sauce

This strawberry honey mustard South Carolina Style BBQ sauce will put a fruity spin on this spit fire classic! Using Tessemae’s olive oil based honey mustard, this sauce is sweet and tangy, perfect for summer grilling.

Nutella Strawberry Sandwich Cookies -

Nutella Strawberry Sandwich Cookies

These Nutella Strawberry Sandwich Cookies use packaged sugar cookie dough, so it’s not so much a recipe as semi-homemade. You can really make something spectacular looking from something boring and packaged, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Strawberry Grand Marnier Shortcake on a plate

Strawberry Grand Marnier Shortcake + Giveaway

Fluffy shortcakes, juicy berries, and whipped cream taste like summer, and the addition of orange zest and orange liqueur jazzes up the berries even more!

Strawberry Basil Sorbet Bellini

A simple cocktail, perfect for summer – this Strawberry Basil Sorbet Bellini is a twist on a classic Peach Bellini with champagne poured over homemade strawberry basil sorbet.

Strawberry Creme Fraiche Ice Cream with Mixed Berries

Wow, talk about the wayback blog archives from 2011!!
If you ever need to feel a little smug about a creamy dessert you are making, go the way of Giada and toss some creme fraiche into it. It sounds hip, exotic, romantic, and uber-culinary genius all at the same time. Lately, Ben and I have been devouring Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream’s Creme Friache gelato

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Daiquiri

Eeek! Another archived favorite that still lives on in my summer rotation!! Nevermind this photo is like OG Blog Levels of BAD. This Drink is OMG INSANE Levels of GOOD!
One of the best summer drinks I’ve ever had in my life is the Puerto Vallarta, aka “PV’s” named by Beka and I after we tipped back a couple or three one summer afternoon while simultaneously geeking out on wedding magazines and ticking our toesies in Huck’s doggie/kiddie pool.