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Meet Megan

About Megan:

Food is my love language. I’m a food pusher, and if I ever see your hands empty of something to nibble I will rectify that in an instant.

My love is homemade food, lovingly crafted with my time and wholesome ingredients that are seasonal and delicious. I thrive on a combination of comfort food and delicious sinful desserts that are easy, inspirational and even a bit aspirational. I don’t like complicated, in life or my food – I like it delicious.

I have two growing boys, one loving husband who tolerates me leaving my socks around the house, and never making the same dish twice. There is a dog, and chickens, too. We might live in the burbs, but our life is nothing fast, it’s slow and homemade. And it’s home.

Its slightly chaotic in the best of times – but we love our life.

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The wheatfields of the Palouse region of Washington State :: homemadehome.com

About the Blog:

Started in the spring of 2010, Country Cleaver was a place for me to test out newly baked creations from my kitchen and share them with the world. Or whoever’s internet search engine plopped them onto this little site. I learned early in life how to master the chocolate chip cookie, and progressed into more homemade confections that ranged from sweet breads, to cakes, creme brulee, and candy coated who knows what’s. Somewhere in there I came to the conclusion that I needed to learn to cook “real” food, if for no other reason so that my boyfriend would stick around and not die of starvation. Well, he’s my husband now – so I guess the cooking worked!

In the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet fellow bloggers that have become true friends and been lucky enough to have readers come back for more, time and time again – no matter how embarrassing I became. But the last two years have been a great adventure in not only cooking and baking – but self discovery. Everyone should be so lucky.

To Contact Megan:

For readers – feel free to use the contact form or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

For inquiries- For more information regarding Freelance Food Photography, Food Writing, Recipe Development, Recipe Testing, Speaking Engagements, Sponsorships, Advertising and more on Country Cleaver please contact Megan at [email protected]