One of the best summer drinks I’ve ever had in my life is the Puerto Vallarta, aka “PV’s” named by Beka and I after we tipped back a couple or three one summer afternoon while simultaneously geeking out on wedding magazines and ticking our toesies in Huck’s doggie/kiddie pool. It’s what ya do on a hot summer afternoon, flip through wedding mags dreaming of your big day and name ridiculously delicious drinks crazy names…

How on earth it has taken me this long to get this post up, I’ll never know but better late than never, right? But that’s another story…

For your grocery list include:
12 ounces, fluid Pina Colada Mix
1 cup Fresh Or Frozen Strawberries
2 ounces, fluid Rum
2 ounces, fluid Baileys Or Other Irish Cream
Toss those delectable berries into your blender

Saturate those jewels with Pina Colada mix, Rum and Bailey’s 

and blend away!! If you’re using frozen strawberries, you won’t have to add as much ice. But if you’re using fresh berries add a few cubes to give it a good frost.
The first time Beka made these I was completely taken aback by the Bailey’s in the drink, but it really good kick of chocolately flavor. How strawberries and Irish Cream turn into a chocolate flavor I’ll never know, I just roll with the punches.
Pour it into a huge glass – cause who wouldn’t want a massive glass of this? – and gulp to your heart’s content!
Printable Recipe

Toss back a strawberry if you got any extras, don’t be a hero – it’s boozy and delicious!