Where in the name of all that is holy has Biscoff spread been all my life? I’ve maintained an every present stance that Nutella is the ruler of the nut spread world – and it is and will forever remain. But. BUT! In the land of cookie spreads – Biscoff is king. Carbs pureed into cream that you spread over toasted carbs? This is the very meaning of life for a carb-oholic Czech girl!

For this recipe – I wanted to do something with Biscoff besides eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. Not that I didn’t do that before hand, but with the rest of the jar I actually did make something with it – cake.

I found a recipe on Pinterest for a Nutella Mug Cake and resolved myself to make it. And I intend too. But for now, I wanted to shake it up a bit with Biscoff instead. And hot damn, my world has tilted on it’s axis.

So in 10 minutes you can nuke yourself a cake and change your life and those of the people you love. One mug of cake at a time.

Into each mug you wish to make, pour in all of your ingredients, whisk together and nuke for 3-4 minutes (depending on your microwave.) Easy flippin’ peasy.

Include into each mug – 4 Tbsp Self-rising flour*, 3 Tbsp. sugar, 1 egg, 3 Tbsp Bicoff Spread, 3 Tbsp Milk, and 3 Tbsp Veggie Oil.

Looks delish in this state, huh? Oh I know it looks nast-eh but in about 30 seconds of whisking it will start to look like a real cake batter and positively golden and delicious.

There ya go. Much better. Now, into the micro – nuke for 2-3 minutes or until set and Whammy! Dessert!

Eat it straight outta the mug with a little extra Biscoff on top, or plopp’er on a plate so it looks a little more dressed up. Ish.

It’s rich, and so worth the loosening of your belt.

*Self-rising Flour* – If you don’t have any, you can make some at home with 1 cup All Purpose Flour, 1 1/4 tsp Baking Powder and a pinch of salt all whisked together.

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Biscoff Mug Cake

  • Author: Megan
  • Prep Time: 5 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 3 Minutes
  • Total Time: 8 minutes
  • Yield: 1 Mug Cake 1x
  • Category: Cake
  • Method: Microwave
  • Cuisine: American


A single mug cake for a quick fix!



4 Tbsp. Self Rising Flour
3 Tbsp. Sugar
1 egg
3 Tbsp. Biscoff Spread
3 Tbsp. Milk
3 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil


  1. In a large mug, whisk together all ingredients until smooth. Microwave for 2-3 minutes, or until set. Each microwave is different, use your best judgement for your machine.
  2. Let cool until you can handle the mugs, they will be hot. Top with a small dollop of Biscoff spread so it melts or top with whipped cream. Serve while warm.

Keywords: Mug Cake, Biscoff, Speculoos