At least World Market is the new Target for the home cook. And when there is a coupon involved, you know I’m there! After a burger with Ben at The Dirty Bird (aka Red Robin), we sauntered over to World Market to walk down the 1,000 calorie lunch we’d just hoovered. As much as I had wanted to stop with the $30 dollars required to get my $10 off on my coupon, I just couldn’t stop. So $42 worth of loot for $32, I considered the adventure an epic win.

Chocolate, oh you beautiful bad for me delicious delight! 
Strawberry and Champagne for $2, yes please!

Lindt Classic Hazelnut and Touch of Sea Salt, sowwy rile I drul on mai kei boord. 

$3 buck steal right here.

Four pack of ramekins for another 3 bucks. I die!

And look at this glorious 12″ baking dish. It was a battle of epic proportions in my mind to go with this or the teal one. Teal has been the primary color of everything I do lately, so adventuring out of my comfort zone was necessary. But, alas this will not be mine for long. There are big plans in the works for this baby.

And lastly, the two bell pepper mini-casserole dishes. Can you imagine individual Dutch Apple Pies in these? Perfect for two! Again, there are big plans for these – just not for me. I hope the recipient will enjoy them. You’ll see who these go to in the near future.
This was an after lunch excursion that was everything I could have hoped for and more. Gosh I love being cheap!