The more I write the more I share (read: overshare) of myself  and by now you’ve probably learned all you dare want to know about me. But thanks to my lovely bloggie buddy Amy at Surly Kitchen, for obligating me to share more of myself with you. I say “obligating” like I loathe this – but really I don’t – I live for it!! (Hoping the sarcasm of the “obligating” is translating right now…)

So here are 7 facts of me that you may already know, or may not know, or really just don’t need to know at all!

1) Costco is my go-to store. It’s more than slightly ridiculous when you can’t count on one hand the number of jeans you have bought from there. Right now I’m up to three pairs of Levi’s, and three pairs of dark wash Calvin Klein’s – and that’s all the ones I currently have and wear, there were pairs that have come and gone. Seriously, it’s a bit sad. I still can’t justify spending the 115 bucks on Seven’s there, even though I know retail they would go for about $200.

2) I want to own a Great Dane someday. A harlequin would be wonderful, or a blue would be nice. It’s like a horse, except it’s not – so Ben, the horse-hater, could get me a mock horse/dog and call it a day. We’ll see if he ever gives in.

3) Because of these large dogs that I want, and the one that I already own – my next car will be a Subaru Outback. I’m such a mom!! It’s all planned out, the Satin White, tinted windows, leather upholstery (so Huck and Finn’s (my future dane) hair won’t get caught in the cloth seats), heated seats and a sunroof. I don’t ask for much, really.

4) Speaking of cars, I have only had one car in my life. It’s a now 11-year old Honda Civic that I got brand new from my parents my freshman year of high school. The premise behind it was that I could drive the car and it would become mine all mine when I went to college, granted that I maintained my good grades, stayed out of trouble, held a high school job and well – got into college. She’s still a runnin’!!

5) The worst part of my being half-Czech is the inherited ginormous calves I have – thanks Ma and Babi! They’re all muscle, but any tall knee high boots I purchase are from the “old lady” catalogues that carry boots for chicks with huge calves! And since buying a pair, my mailbox is inundated with “old lady” clothing catalogues. AHH!!! Even when I was in the best shape of my life, running and working out hours on end, they didn’t even fit then…please understand my plight.

6) I am TERRIFIED of things without legs, or things with too many legs. Slugs? Check. Snakes? Check. Starfish? Check. Octopi? Double Check – they’re slimy and have too many legs!!

7)  And last but not least…I am still to this day terrified of basements. The basement at the house I grew up in was unfinished with lots of dark corners and creaky sounds, I would RUN up the stairs every time to get out of there as fast as my large calved legs would carry me. To this day, I would still be terrified of it if I lived there.

I hope you are laughing at this along with me. Or laugh at me, it’s okay I’ll never know the difference.
For all of you out there, I hope this sheds a little light into my abnormal little existence and you keep coming back for more.

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