When wedding planning it’s difficult not to hit that brick wall of intimidation and simultaneous burn out after a while. Ben and I were going through that for, oh I dunno, about 8 months after we got engaged.

We got engaged at Christmas and until two weeks ago we didn’t have a wedding venue. For the first two weeks of our engagement I was researching venues, colors, dresses, decoration, honeymoon locales, dinner ideas, caterers, photographers and then – BAM, like a crash test dummy I hit a wall. Wedding planning was supposed to be fun and exhilarating – not stressful or something that sends you into the corner of the room with one eye twitching and you holding your knees whilst rocking back and forth… I didn’t make it that far, but close. 
But tell any bride that it shouldn’t be stressful and then be prepared to run (FAST) before you get your face mauled off like a honey badger looking for food. It just plain doesn’t work that way. Despite the best of intentions by all parties involved. 
Thankfully, we’ve had lots of help. My MOH and future sister in law are rockstars at this kinda thing. MOH (Beka – you may have seen her here a time or two.) being married last year has helped me keep everything in perspective, allowed me to vent whenever necessary and kept a bottle of wine chilling in my fridge at all times. Bless her. 
My future sis-in-law has helped us spearhead ideas for color combos, rehearsal dinner venues, hotels for out of town guests and sent us price breakdowns for every possible occasion. Bless her, too. If it weren’t for these two – we’d be engaged for ten years and still would have never made a single decision…Well, besides me buying my dress. (I kinda jumped the gun on that one and bought it three months ago.) 
While pursuing ideas of colors with these girls in numerous magazines, the internets, and picking out paint chips to do our own at home color combo research we thought “might work with the venue” – we found The One. *Angels singing*
One day I stumbled upon The Perfect Palette, who’s dedication to providing every bride out there with simply put, brilliant combinations of wedding colors set to make each wedding unique and wonderfully representative of each couples personality. Colors do set the mood for a wedding and they speak volumes about the couple. 
Beka’s wedding for instance, was dusty rose, cream and steel gray. It was stunning. It fit her and Jason’s modern and romantic personalities – perfect for a black tie wedding set at a SoCal winery. Click here for a somewhat similar example to see what it can look like.
For Ben and I, we wanted to make sure that our wedding matched our venue, and played up our fun sides. Really, on the outside we’re pretty boring people day to day – but we have spunk, pizazz and zest for a country-esque lifestyle. Trezzi Farm was the perfect place for us. Or rather me, since I kinda had the final say. 
Run by the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet, Stephanie and Davide – they bring a bit of Italy right to the middle of Greenbluff, WA. The red roofs on the buildings and surrounding vineyard bring a punch to the place that I hadn’t seen at any other venue I looked at. It was it. 
So, okie dokie – match your colors to your venue and your personalities. Done. And so here we have…
Our Colors!

(Photos borrowed from Perfect Palette’s Webiste)
Full of punch, pizzazz and zest. Wouldn’t you say? 

(Photos from The Perfect Palette‘s website)
Not to mention – Trezzi Farms’s winery has a stunningly painted Poppy painted winery. I swoon. Told ya – this place was IT.

And – a it has a ridiculously large Effin’ Metal Chicken.
Wedding colors For the Win!!
What were your wedding colors? Or do you have ideas of what your someday-when-I-get-married-my-colors-will-be? I’d love to hear ’em.