A couple of weeks ago a batch of Blackberry Grand Marnier jam made it’s way out of my kitchen, and one jar of it traveled all the way to Minnesota to my wonderful bloggie buddy, and fellow carb- and Royal-aholic Kat at Tenaciously Yours! This girl rocks my socks off with her outright hilarious charm and unabashed statements of honesty and truthiness. How can you not totally love a girl that will just outright tell you, “Sometimes instead of sipping that first glass of wine, you just have to gulp it.”!! 

This week she told me of the impending package making it’s way to Washington, apparently via the Pony Express. No, let’s rephrase that – by the Turtle Town Courier. Today I got to my mail box and behold, it had finally arrived! 

Cake Batter Bark!

Vanilla Coconut Blueberry Granola,

and a gorgeous card, oh my!!
This was worth everyday of the excruciating wait. The bark was yummy, creamy and how can you not be transported back to your childhood with the plethora of sprinkles?! The only problem with this situation was that I only got 1, yes ONE of the pieces of bark. The rest were stolen from me, by none other than my adorable (read: hungry and chocolate-loving) larbra-dork (read: thief) Huck. 
Ben and I had a family dinner out tonight and apparently when we left, I did not put it up high enough to keep out of the ridiculous mutt’s nomming face.  Despite bad hips and a couple of obstacles in his way, his determination carried him up to the breakfast bar and he proceeded to claw the bark off the counter and tear open the container until he got the goods. Awesome. 

The granola was saved – and I will be hoarding it – ensuring that it is up high enough to stay out of the mutt’s grasp. 
Thank goodness Ms. Kat had the recipe for the Cake Batter Bark up on her blog. At least I can recreate the amazingness I am missing out on thanks to my gooby, ridiculous, and chocolate-thirsty hound. Oh, don’t worry – he’s just fine with that iron gut of his.