Today was the latest and hopefully the LAST of the wedding venue search. Ben and I trudged up the hill to visit a western Washington landmark venue perched precariously on the edge of a cliff and a plunging waterfall below. But hot dang was it gorgeous!

For anyone living in western Washington, or possibly the entirety of Washington for that matter, you know of Snoqualmie Falls. It’s just on the edge of the tiny logging town that bears it’s name, generating power to 16,000 homes in the wooded and green area, and most importantly being the cultural, and spiritually most significant spot to the Snoqualmie people.

At the top of the falls is the Salish Lodge and Spa, and our hopeful wedding venue. Never in a million years did I hope to get married here, simply for the fact that I assumed it was automatically out of any price range that me or “The Man” could possibly afford. And now we find, it’s not entirely true! *Punches the air with fist in jubilation!*

We sat above the falls in The Attic having a drink and talking with the wedding rep about costs, ideas, and running down all the possibly questions we could get through our minds. Of course there were plenty of things I forgot to ask, despite writing most of them down – knowing full well that my “Bride Goggles” would take over and I’d just fall in love with the space and tell everything else to be danged. 

The alternating view, away from the falls is equally as gorgeous. Down river lies the tiny hamlet of Fall City, Carnation, Issaquah and Duvall. I love this valley.

From outside you can see exactly where the ceremony would take place! See that little patio niched in on the corner over there? It seats up to 140 people – though there will NOT be half that amount at our shin-dig. But the thunder of the falls cascades upwards along with mist creating absolutely wonderful ambience and serenity. Ahhhh…

OH! How could I almost forget the best part?! Salish was just rated the best K-9 friendly hotel in Washington! Guess what that means – Huck could be apart of the ceremony! Oh yeah, I am that dog mom. Don’t judge.

After our meeting with the wedding rep Kat, we went out to the observation area to take another peek around the place and I myself, dazzled at all the possible picture taking locations. Cause…I’m a dork. 

But rest assured – the man I’m marrying is equally as dorky as me. Aren’t we funny – this is our attempt at being gangsta…yup – not convincing one bit. 
Feel free to check out more of our potential wedding venue here at Salish Lodge and Spa