Last week after a mid-week dinner date with Beka and her sis-in-law Brittany, I was craving more of the Rosemary Focaccia bread that she whipped up for us. Being the carb-oholic and self proclaimed bread freak that I am, this is one recipe I had to add to fold into my repitoire.

This morning, while still hanging out in my PJ’s and hanging wet just showered hair I got to makin’ me some bread. For a first attempt this was a simple enough recipe, except that my yeast seems to have gone belly up like an old goldfish.

For your grocery list include:
~ 2 cups AP Flour (Bread Flour would be better if you had it)
~ 3/4 c. warm water (110-115*)
~ 1 Tbsp. Sugar
~ 2 1/4 tsp yeast
~ 1 teaspoon salt
~ 3/4 cup oil + 3 Tbsp for topping bread
~ 2 sprigs Rosemary

I let the yeast activate in the water for a couple of minutes. Mmmm, yeasty!

After the activating, I set about dumping it all in the Kitchen Aid and kneading away.
It was kneaded for ten minutes, and then let to rise 10 more minutes, and kneaded for a couple more just for good measure. 
A second rise was done in a slightly warmed over with a little extra oil and damp cloth resting over the top. 30 minutes and it was good to go. 

I splayed the whole mess out on a non stick pan and an oven at 350, pressing fun little finger dimples into the dough and slathering with 3 tablespoons of oil. 
It was glorified grown up play dough!

Before I finally put it into the oven I sprinkled about a half teaspoon of sea salt to the top,

and two sprigs worth of my very own rosemary on top. A couple weeks ago my mom and stepdad gave me an adorable petite rosemary plant for the apartment garden. Glad to know it’s something I’ll be using lots of this year!

After 15 minutes of my pavlovian response being kicked into high gear the bread was done! It may or may not be nearly gone…
But if you feel the “knead” to bake – feel free to use the Printable Recipe Here!
Happy Baking! ~Megan