The art of making friends should be simple one. We begin this process when we are small children, finding common ground with those we wish to befriend – whether that is through sharing of Goldfish crackers at recess or your favorite colors of glitter in class. 

But no matter who you’re wanting to befriend at any stage of life, I maintain that the art of making friends remains the same.  And it doesn’t matter if you are befriending someone with two legs or four.

Approach slowly, gaining trust and acceptance. 
The mission is achieved when soft pony noses are thrust into your face and awaiting your pettums.
But one must not be too rambuncous, as to not turn off and confuse the impending friend.
Sniff eachother out, find your understanding. Acceptance will be gained if you maintain patient persistence. I assure you this is not an oxymoron.
But if they are still unsure, give them more time – they will come around when they see how great you really are. (Clearly these Jessie and Festus were not as interested in Huck as he was of them, but we will have plenty of time at the farm to work things out)
When you want to learn the art of making friends, remain on even level ground with your friends. See eye to eye, take time to see eachother for who you are and learn from one another.
And then, eventually – you will find a friend for life.