Seemingly abandoned long ago is a weather worn house, sheds, and barns all laying right off Highway 195 outside Steptoe, WA. Each time in the last six years that I’ve driven this road I’ve been drawn to this place – never taking the time to stop, but always wondering who’s home this was and why they left it to wear away so many years ago.

After passing them again momentarily, I flipped a U-ey to head back. Today was the day to stop and poke my nosey face around. Ben following behind my speed racer driving on his motorcycle was utterly confused by this when I waved at hime in the other direction. I was on a mission!

There were a few “No Tresspassing” signs about, and don’t worry I didn’t (exactly) cross them , so I consider myself in the clear of whatever authority figure might have presented itself at that particular photgraphic moment. Whew.

I”m quite sad its taken me so long to see this place up close. I know I’ll still wonder who lived here, why they left, and be curious as to the memories it might hold.