Right after the engagement Beka, my mom and I hit up the Seattle Bridal Expo where we sampled cakes, looked at venues, got hassled by DJ’s, and tried on dresses. After the initial “wedding dress trying on” extravaganza I was pretty well okay to not try on a dress for a while. Whatever ansy-ness, nervousness, or anxiousness that was amassed within me suddenly disappeared and all of my wedding planning worries just lifted.  

Now they are all completely back and weighing on me like that last piece of my beet Red Velvet Cake. I really shouldn’t have had that last piece – not in any part of a wedding diet.

But last night I headed out with Beka, my bestie and MOH, and her sis-in-law Brittany to take a stab at a few more dresses. The last few months have been filled with online wedding dress shopping, Excel spread sheet making and automatic eliminations of dresses based on anything from general trampiness, to the 80’s poofy sleeved Billy Idol themed dress. There has to be a happy medium. 
See – these are examples of what I will NOT be having at my wedding… If any of these pictures are of you or what you did – terribly sorry to rain on your parade – but NO, this is not acceptable. At least, not for me.
And yes – I acknowledge this almost makes me sound like total judge bride-to-be…but blue jeans and camo or a Vegas mini dresses? Really?! Really.
(Moving on before I implicate myself and you all end up hating me and stop being my friend.)
These are some of the dresses that I did try on. No, they are not all proper sizes – but you do get the gist. 
This is number 1. I liked it quite a lot. Simple and lacy. 

This one was fun – and it even had pockets! But it just isn’t it. Oh well.

This Queen Anne kinda thing has been something I’ve been eyeing my entire time during this dress shopping process. And yes it is two sizes too small, but I had to try it on anyway. This is why it sucks that their sample sizes are so wonky. Booo. 

This is the back of the dress. It’s got a gorgeous keyhole, but since it was too small and the dress wouldn’t close near the bottom, I didn’t exactly feel like showing you anything near my rear. 
But if you want to see the actual dress on a real model, here it is!

This beauty was my 2nd choice. Never did us girls think that this dress would actually be in the running for Top Dress – but we were all pleasantly blown away. Lace has been the main theme in all of the dresses I’ve looked at so far, but this dress has swept the competition in comfort, flow and whimsy.

It was almost the right size to get the real feel for it too. And even with the drapery in the front of it, I didn’t look preggo. Whew, cause that’s the last thing that I need to look like on my wedding day. I’ve got all the time in the world for that, I don’t want it immortalized strutting down an aisle in a white dress. 
Over all it was a completely successful trip. Lots of girl time, pretty dress time, and anxiousness to get through this next year for me and Ben to start the rest of our lives together. 
I kinda like him, ya see. I just wanna marry him already!