Ben was here this weekend, and I was ver adamant about the need for us to go Christmas Tree Hunting. Bless him and his patience for my hair brained girly sentimental ideas.  In the tourist district of Woodinville, aka Western Washington Wine Country, lies the Red-Wood Farms Christmas Tree Farm. For 36.50 you could cut any size tree…and if there were a way to get it home – and actually had a place to store it – I would have jumped at the chance to hack this baby down!
(I used to be a competitive lumberjack ya see…Read about it HERE)

It was just a little too big to fit into the dinky apartment. *Big Sigh*.

If I was aiming for a Christmas Vacation-esque holiday, this tree woulda been perfect. But I don’t require any stray squirrels leaping out of it and causing a ruckos, and insuring dog chases around the place. 

But we agreed on one. Look at that beardy man. 2 1/2 years and never donned a beard ’til Thanksgiving. 
Kinda like it, if I do say so myself.

So he got down and dirty hacking up our little tree. I didn’t want to steal the thunder and show him up with the lumberjack skills. *buffs nails on shirt*

It was a successful trip. Huck protected the tree as we drove down the road and now it sits up in the apartment, decked out and shimmering away.

My great boys. I couldn’t ask for anything more this holiday season. I’m a lucky girl.