The tree, the poor Christmas tree.

When it got decorated this last weekend it was purposefully decorated with the cheapy ornaments on the bottom with the more sentimental ones strategically placed towards the top to avoid the Dude’s giant otter tail and chompy teeth.

Up until now, it was all safe. Today is the day the world changed. Huck usually gets a quick walk in at lunch by my boss. The main office is close to my apartment and now that I am working farther from home and the main office my boss (also a yellow lab owner – we understand eachother) volunteered to check on Huck from time to time to make sure his little bladder didn’t explode midway through the day. Isn’t she great – I make sure to bake for her when I can. It’s a good trade.

But today was one of those days that was way to busy to break out of the confines of the office to drop in on the pupper.

When I came home it seemed a little strange that the dog was laying right at the front door. I should have suspected. And then I saw this….


AHHHHH!!! How innocent that face looks. 

And this is the destruction.
Good thing all but one of them was a cheap ornament, only one being from my childhood. 
I might not have mentioned that one gift was included in this destruction? Oh yeah. It was another ornament for my step-dad. I can divulge the gift (cause I know that my parents won’t stop in and peek at what they’re getting for Christmas) – “The Leg Lamp” ornament from A Christmas Story.
Oh the irony when the Bubkiss dogs run around and end up destroying the Frageee-lay Leg Lamp and my obnoxious dog knocks it down and nearly destroys it himself…
Ohhh the holidays, where peace and tranquility go to die.