For the last few months, well who are we kidding, nearly a year I haven’t been doing much in the way of hobbies other than cooking or baking. Back in the “day”, I loved scrap booking, paper crafting, yada yada yada. Amongst all the stacks of colorful, textured and half used papers there was a Cricut and multiple cartridges… a couple even unopened until yesterday.

But since then I have been a Cricut-ing fool. How can you lose with all of these pretty papers and endless paper crafting possibilities?! 
Look at the butterfly cupcake tags?

And the butterfly cupcake wraps? I’m dyin’ here!

Gah!! It just smacks you with spring doesn’t it?
What do you do to spruce up for spring? Are you a crafter? Gardener? Outdoor obsessor? 
Well, whatever you do for spring – I hope that you’re getting (lovingly) smacked with cheer, sunshine and green lusciousness!