Every year, every person should play tourist in their own town. That way, when you have to play tour guide – you’re studied up and ready to hit the town brimming with knowledge and lots of busy body activities to keep your guests entertained.
Well, this last weekend Ms. Beka’s besties from Colorado were in town to scope out the PNW and find out if this side of the Rockies is right up their alley. 
The three of us started our day in the typical Seattle-ite way – with some amazing coffee from local Victor’s Coffee. Ah- mazing. I’m from Seattle, trust me.

Then headed down to the very Pike’s Place Market where Carly and Tim exuded absolute cuteness infront of the market sign. Awwwww… kinda makes you sick doesn’t it? In all the right ways of course.

So we strolled and meandered through the crowded market taking in all the colors, noise, smells and rush of people. We were one step away from being herds of cattle, but it’s what you do.

Look what we stumbled upon – Dark Chocolate linguine. Yup, it was just as decadent as it sounds. Last time I bough some pasta from these guys was Ben’s first weekend in Seattle where I impressed him with their Lemon fettucine with white wine clam sauce. I knew there was a reason he stuck around.

Of course we had to stop infront of the Original Starbucks and listen to the amazing banjo player. Too bad I’m too cheap to part with the $10 for his CD. It was pretty epic.

And here is where my heart utterly melted. For playing tour guide the lovingly adorkable couple bough me a bottle of olive oil from Sotto Voce. The Acceto Tre Colore is what I walked out of there with, perfect for sautéing veggies and marinading meat in. It’s been really tough to look at it everyday and not open it. But then realizing that I’ll be using something so decadent and gorgeous “just because” makes me sad inside. Yes, I’m an Olive Oil hoarder. 

Sooooo many varieties!!

See – the adorkablely sweet couple again. They never cease to be silly and beautiful together.

Beka was able to join us for lunch at The Crab Pot for a whole lot of seafood and beer. Not an unfortunate way to spend the afternoon. 

That’s how we roll…
It was a fabulous day with extraordinary people. Hopefully I performed my duties well and brought forth the very best of Seattle. I can consider it a WIN if they move their way out here — soon. 
Beka and I are very hopeful.