Woooo!!! I have internet. My own, my very own and I’m quite excited to be tossing an additional bill onto the stack of regular bills that inevitably come my way every month. What’s Wrong with me?

Well, since I moved into this apartment I have been conscious of my budget and all of those other wonderful things “real” adults have to be pre-occupied with. And since I was attempting to be said “conscious” and “pre-occupied” with said budgeting and adult-real-world things I forewent…forego, foregone….Went Without my own wireless internet, unethically and immorally tapping into neighbors connections that were too silly and out of their minds to lock them up so ne’rdowells like me can’t bum the.


But like the changing of the fall leaves, I have chosen to turn a new leaf as well. Do the right, moral, ethical thing and obtain my own internet connection paid for with my of my own. Yay me.

Now there will be no more fretting and worrying about whether I can “borrow” a connection, blog and post my thoughts to the great world wide web for all of masses (or just you who Actual read this blog) to take in and digest.

So go forth and know now, that this blogger is doing things the Right way…even if it costs me 50 bucks a month that would other wise go to baking goodies, cooking utensils, and craft projects that will remain half finished.

Always dedicated and crazy,
Country Cleaver