Is it just me or are the holidays starting to creep up faster and faster? Maybe it’s the fact that holidays are now promoted three months in advance of their actual date – further reminding us that Christmas is “x” number of days away. Oh, it’s 67 days away by the way for anyone now flipping through calendars.

Needless to say, the holidays are beginning to begin and we must run towards them with gusto and enthusiasm. 
This year, an engineer/coworker/friend of mine has opened the flood gates to the holiday pudge with a cook off. An Office Holiday Throw down, I will call it. And dang am I excited! I predict, like every other competition in our project office – it will get ugly, bloody and AWESOME. There is nothing like a little friendly competition to bring out the warmth of the holidays. 
Though now, this means I have to get crackin’ on my recipe box searching, and my recipe creatin’ if I’m going to win. 
Of course this is a completely friendly office competition and I know that no matter what, it will bring our office together with good food, cheer and holidays spirits. And promptly following this feast, we will all don our pedometers and begin another office-wide Walking Challenge to shed the pounds we would otherwise inevitably gain.
Solidarity in Feasting and Walking!! 
~Country Cleaver