This blog and nickname was sprung from the immortal “life” of none other than Mrs. June Cleaver. It started as a joke from my best friend Beka and took on a life of it’s own. For this, I will never be able to thank Beka or Mrs. Cleaver (in life or in television) enough.

Barbara Billingsley has passed away. The inspiration and ideal of every 50’s stay at home mother, who nurtured and loving guided her two precocious boys through the comical foibles of their lives has been engraved in pop culture and memory is now gone.

How could we think that woman enough, for taking on such a role, executing it with grace and giving us a wonderful memory.

Today, I think a tribute must be payed to her. So I”ll go home, put on that A-line dress, a pair of heels, a string of pearls and do some vacuuming or cook a pot roast…. or just open a bottle of wine pour some Bridge Mix into a bowl and settle in for some Sunday evening TV.

I never said that being a country cleaver was going to make me a completely functional “Cleaver”.