Indecision plagues me.

My coffee table is filled with magazines, books, and an internet capable computer throwing ideas abound at me, with what to cook for the upcoming holidays, what to make for decorations, how to do things on all on a budget.

With so many ideas, it’s hard to know where to begin. From Martha Stewart, to Family Circle and Ball, there are just too many ideas and my indecision always gets the better of me.

From each book, I’ve attempted to pick out a favorite, a must try.

From the “Christmas Cooking Southern Style”, the lovely Red Velvet Peppermint cake on the cover is the front runner.

The Ball Canning Blue Book, demands of me the Apple Butter for a Christmas gift. And seeing as I’ve been on a bourbon infusion kick lately, perhaps Bourbon Apple Butter? Hmmm…indecisions, indecisions!!

The Cuisine Holiday Menus boasts a crispy skinned Herb-Buttered Roast Turkey. Imagine an infused butter saturating the bird under the skin. I hate the word ‘moist’, but you just know it would make the bird delicious and said ‘moist’.

And lastly, that brilliant Real Simple Magazine… Now from this, how could I pick just one idea?  How do us simpletons ever hope to keep up?

But I am determined. I will persevere. So – to the Kitchen to begin my Red Velvet Peppermint Cake!