I haven’t been out to The Farm in a while, so it was high time that I went out there. There have been a bowl full of apples sitting in the office kitchen so I decided before the weekend starts, they needed to be disposed of – and feeding them to the horses seemed like the best option.

And if I would have known the reaction a bowl full of apples would have gotten me, I would have walked to the pasture in full football pads and a helmet.

How could you not love big noses?!

Barbie could hardly wait to get her furry winter face into the bowl.

Hey Lady, quit taking pictures and make with the apples here!

After the ‘apples in the bowl’ fiasco they got moved to my pocket. Jessie knew right away.

Look how gentle she is? Yes, being a horse person I know this is the improper way to feed a horse, but I had to get the picture.

And Festus – there are no words to describe how much I love that mini-donkey face!

He He He.

And since Mr. B was so impatient, he had to wait. He was a sweet (and actually patient) boy, I couldn’t turn him away.

After the apples were gone, I was throughly licked to make sure all residual apple juice was off my hands. 

Now they are my followers – I won!!

But remember, when feeding horses apples, the little ponies will get goo in their hair from the big tall beasts. Look out below!!