I have to share the experience I had being a doggie mom this weekend. My weekend lacked many things, including sleep, consciousness, and energy – and most of all the ability to properly make a colored frosting.

Friday, Huck and I ventured up to Mt. Vernon to visit a friend of mine Brianna who was taking our (mine and Huck’s) pictures for our Christmas cards. Brianna and I have known each other since our freshman year at WSU, and I’m so glad we got this chance to reconnect. She’s got an amazing eye for faces and capturing those really wonderful moments.  For anyone in the Mt. Vernon area feel free to check her out at Brianna Widen Photography, her work will take your breath away.

After an afternoon of photos and lunch at the Calico Cupboard with an amazing dish of homemade turkey pot pie and a cinnamon role the size of my hand, Huck and I ventured home to rest, relax and ride out the rain with a fire in the fireplace.

But somewhere between the relaxing, getting some sleep and 3 AM – I woke up to a very very sick Huckleberry hound. 
Having barely come out of my sleeping state, I realized all too late what was going on and there were doggie chunks being blown on my bedroom floor, then in my entry way, then through the living room all while I chased him around trying to get the poor dog out onto the deck where I could at least spray it off!!
Bless his poor little heart he was so sheepish and sad like a seal pup, there was no way you could be mad at him. Scraping up and spraying down what I could, I sad down on the linoleum trying to keep him calm until it started all over again. 
By 4 AM I was freaking out. Thankfully my parents don’t sleep so Mom got a call since she was the only person humanly awake to understand what I was feeling and what I should do. 
After tears, freak outs and more yakking (by Huck not me), I was resolved to stick it out take care of my boy without spending an additional 300 bucks on an emergency vet call like the 500 I’d spent earlier in the week at the doggie allergist.
After a record 13 times of the sicks, I finally got a handle on it and so did the Dude. Downing nearly an entire bottle of Pedaled and a serving or two of Pink Pepto, he was finally feeling better.
By the end of the night, when Kandace and I came back from the firehouse, Huck had managed to get into my bag of cake decorating stuff and down an entire jar of Piping Gel.
Funny how he managed to keep that down, but not regular food.
So my project between his episodes of sickness on Saturday, all Sunday and tonight – double steam cleaning my carpets. Yay for an uber clean apartment and a now much happier hound.