Yesterday I was conflicted. Conflicted by color. And I was at Target. Me, Target and Indecision are never a good combination. Or are they?

Well, Target is good for me because it (much like Costco) is the Everything store. But it is bad for my wallet since I can’t leave there without spending less than 20 bucks.

Back to my original point of being conflicted by color… It’s fall, so warm colors are abound. Winter is fast approaching, so holiday colors or cold winter steely colors enthrawled me. And since I’m a purple addict, I couldn’t walk by something in a dark glossy plum without stopping.

It turns out these colors were all nail polish. I haven’t bought a new nail polish in almost two years, so when I walked down the nail polish aisle there I stood in my tracks.

I stared, drooled, became my 13 year old self again wanting to paint my nails every color of the rainbow. I briefly glanced at the glittered from here ’til Tuesday polishes, but decided it was a bad idea.

The indecision kept plauging me. I walked away on another mission, but made the loop around the aisle to only come back and do something horrifically stupid.

I bought all four. What the heck is wrong with me?
On the plus side, I can confirm that that Gunmetal silver up above looks smashing, and is going to rock it with my silver heels this weekend at Ben’s company dinner.