Thank God for America’s Test Kitchen. Last summer for our two year anniversary, Ben got me a cast iron skillet. Most girls might not understand the significance and appreciation I had for this gift. It was cast iron. Enameled or not, I was excited. He did awesome.

Although Lodge cast iron typically comes “pre-seasoned”, it’s not enough seasoning (in my opinion) to grill up a burger without it still sticking, or a panini to slide right off. A good, well seasoned cast iron pan comes with time, lots of cooking, lots of grease, and proper maintenance. And maintaining a proper cast iron skillet was something I needed to learn. Here is where ATK comes in. Bless them and their help for challenged such as me.

So, here is my lovely pan from my beloved hunny. He did good.

Heat up your pan.

Grab a couple paper towels and wad them up.

Pour about 1/4 c canola, veggie or olive oil into a small dish.

Grab your handy dandy tongs, and get a hold of your wad o’ towel.

Soak in that oil…

And wipe ‘er down. 

Throughly cover your skillet with the oil.
Turn off your heat and let your pan cool down. 
Lather, rinse, repeat. 
Sooner than you know, you’ll get your proper seasoning. 
Or there’s always the option to make a LOT of bacon…your pan will thank you, but your arteries may not.