I’m on a bit of a baking-hiatus right now, we’ll see how long that lasts, so I’m delving into wedding coordination stuff.  But, like I said in my previous post, the wedding colors and all of that other fun stuff will be determined after Ben and I finish picking a wedding venue. The colors will have to match the tone of the venue, the theme, and the season after all.

A couple of weeks ago I got an automated e-mail from the Knot, and although they have a lot of good basic advice, and handy tools – it will only get you so far in your wedding planning. Sometimes, it just seems more fun to do your own foot work on wedding details, as opposed to one stop wedding planning. But when I got this e-mail about “20 wedding color combos that actually do work“, I had to check it out.

And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at some of the colors I saw! Some of them were really wonderful, eclectic, fun, non-traditional, modern, and just made you smile. One of the biggest color combinations Michelle, Ben’s sister, has been promoting to us is a red, green and honey color combo. At first I’ll admit I was vehemently against it. Green and Red? We aren’t getting married at Christmas, but after seeing it here, it put my crazy mind to rest.

One of the best ideas about picking wedding colors came from Beka a while ago, where she suggested going to your local hardware store to the paint section and picking up several paint chips. Then at home you can mix and match them to your hearts content until you find the combo that’s just right for you. I took this advice to heart and ran over there to pick and choose a rainbow of colors. And was this a great idea or what?!

Uh, how fun is this color combo?

See, depending on your shade and tone of red/green/yellow – it’s really not as bad as I had imagined – it could even be quite adorable!!

I’m totally in LOVE with browns and teals. My apartment is covered in them. My couch, my bedding set was, my dishes are teal. It’s a bit ridiculous to say the least…

Ben told me that this dusty purple, tan and white reminded him of the Great Gatsby. I don’t find that to be sad at all. I love these colors!

Never woulda guessed roasted pepper, teal and rose linen would be such a great mashup either.
Oh purple, how I love you.
But this – THIS is my favorite combo!! Okay, the shades aren’t Exactly what I was wanting…more of a light sagey green, and a lavender instead – but you get the point. 
Ben understands why I would like this grouping, but he’s not on board just yet. 
Don’t worry, there’s still time.