After I revealed to you my first choice (so far) for wedding venues in Eastern Washington – Trezzi Farms – I wanted to be fair and show you my first choice of wedding locations on the West Side of Washington. Western Washington has been my home again for the last going-on 3 years. After my 4 years away in Eastern Washington, it over took the covetted title of “home”, and I regard the greater Seattle area as a temporary stopping point on the way to better living locales.

This is a big fat *NOTE* to any coworker or workers that might stop by – We’re going to be here for a few more years, so don’t even think I’m up and ditchin’ y’all just yet! (Although they will probably throw a big party After I do leave someday…)

But as much as the south eastern part of Washington is known for their wines, the western Washington wine market is based in Woodinville. Chateau St. Michelle, anyone? Columbia Winery, Brian Carter Cellars, no? There is an ever increasing number of wineries in the area from well knowns like the ones above to more local and up-n-comers to the scene. Wwo of my favorite transplants from Eastern Washington are Isenhower Cellars in Walla Walla and Airfield Estates. Both absolutely wonderful, to my untrained vino loving palate.

Amongst all of those wineries is a lovely old schoolhouse right smack in the middle called Hollywood Schoolhouse and Winery. After I moved back to the West-side, I’d drive by there everyday on my way to work and remind myself that if I ever got married in Western Washington, this place would be it. The perfect blend of country-esque and western Washington. Perfection. I also pestered Ben about this fact, but he seemed to smile, nod and brush of the idea as a silly girl fantasy since at the time we were in no place to begin planning a wedding. But boy, would I persevere.

Last week on my way home from the dog park with Huck, I pulled over whipped out the camera and snapped a few pictures to share with you guys.

Oh, gorgeous brick and balconies.
Here’s a fuller picture where you can see the side portico.

I die.

Lastly for the full country effect, there’s even a windmill. *sigh*.
Here’s all us girls stopping by for a peek around the place a couple weeks ago. This is the bridal area, big, spacious with old old old couches and warm colors. Kim (the one in the white shirt and scarf) just signed up for her wedding here June of next year. Her sister also got married here 7 years ago. 
It’s a popular spot, ya see?
It’s a reasonable price, good food, and absolutely gorgeous in the summer. One stop venue shopping! We’ll see if I can sway Ben on this one, too. Cause we all know he’s the deciding factor….*snicker snicker*.