This is one of those sammies that has been on the list of things to make and feature here, but inevitably life gets in the way, the dog needs to go out, something needs to be cleaned and by the end of it I all but forgot what day it is let alone posting about my favorite grilled sammie. Whoops.

But finally here it is, short and sweet – because again, life is calling and Ben’s tummy is grumbling for dinner.
For your Grocery List:
~ 4 thick slices of bread (your choice)
~ 4 slices Havarti
~ 6 Slices Black Forest Ham
~ 4 thin slices Tomato
~ Handful of Spinach
~ Thinly sliced Sweet Onion
~ Mixture of 50/50 Mayo and Mustard
Heat up your skillet and toss a little Pam in the bottom of that bad boy. Slather on a little of the mayo/mustard mix onto your slices of carby deliciousness, topping it with cheese, onion, tomato, spinach, ham and the other slice of bread. 
Grill ‘er up like a good ol’ grilled cheese and promptly devour. These transformed my life, with less guilt than a traditional grilled cheese would provide but enough to know there was melty cheese in there somewhere, and plenty of good vegg to leave you a little less jiggly around the midsection.