Since most (90%) of our wedding still has yet to be planned – I felt it was time to make a little progress by working on what colors we may want as part of our big day. For the longest time I’d been in love with a lavender, wheat and sage color combination, but lately my mind has turned to a wheat, teal and poppy palette that would mix old and modern tones.

The other part I wanted to ensure I included in our wedding was some country-esque themes. How on earth could I do this?

Ben, in his infinitely fantastic decorating wisdom used to have vases full of dried wheat around his apartment. It was a fantastic way of incorporating some texture and dimension into a typically lifeless white walled apartment. Since we are no long living in our beloved Palouse, I’ve been dreaming of adding dried wheat into our bouquets and table decorations from day one.

Then while doing a little grocery shopping, we purchased a couple of bottles of milk – glass bottles, like the old school ones that actual Milkman would bring by. How could we not use these for vases? Today I put it all to the test and broke out those bottles to do a demonstration and make sure it was as beautiful in real life as it was in my head.

We’re lacking the dried wheat right now, but perhaps we can snag some on an adventure back east later this summer during harvest. Poppies were plentiful at the farmer’s market this morning, so I picked up a quick bouquet that had a few dashed in just to give me a visual representation of what I was dreaming about. And really, I don’t think I’m too off my rocker here.

Said milk jugs. How adorable are these? My other thought was using Mason jars. Who doesn’t love a good mason jar?

Farmer’s Markets and their endless seas of flowers always have a way of brightening your day. This had a great mix of red, orange and red/orange poppies. I almost bought some with a light peach poppy in it, but that will have to wait for another day. Today’s bouquet had a purpose to fulfill.

I’m actually a fan of them without the twine wrapped around them. But the poppies would pop with a little wheat thrown in. I’m not sold on the yellow and purples in here – so don’t focus on these guys, even though they are pretty.

Here I added some teal, orange (darn it wasn’t poppy), and basic tan twine. The texture is nice, but I almost prefer just a plain tan here. 

So, what do you guys think here? Am I onto something, or am I plain nuts?
What are your favorite flowers? What kind did you have at your wedding?