Now, truth be told I had not heard of Georgetown Cupcakes before I went to DC last week. Thank you to Ryan and Sara for enlightening me and giving me a bar to which I will now judge every other cupcake for the rest of my life…

The three days in which I got to explore DC, I walked miles upon miles…Now, I haven’t been doing my Step-Challenge the last couple months (reminder- start doing that again), but blisters arose and I was in need of comfort food and sustinence. It just so happens that on my last day I shashayed (all blistered out, yeah right on the MORE walking thing…) into Georgetown to experience Georgetown’s pizza and cupcakes.

After my $5 cab fare to go from Rosslyn to Georgetown (I was Dying – don’t judge me), I was dropped at G-town Cupcake.  Sara had glowed about them and had required a couple of her own after a hard day’s work. I was happy to oblige her needs as well as my own.

Look at these glorious little creations! Salted carmel is pictured here below, with a finger of frosting taken out of it, but still – you get the point. Boy howdy was it heaven.

Here is the maple cupcake. A mix of maple bar and doughnut, oooohhh!!

Look at the sprinkles on this chocolate birthday cake with white frosting. 
It makes me wanna be a kid all over again.

And oh be-still my heart with this heart on the Red Velvet.  I might have just hoovered one of these at the cupcake shop…the poor kid at the couner asked if I wanted a tissue paper or wrapping for it, but I declined. Who am I kidding – who would wait to devour this when they had it right in their hands. He looked at me with a “wow, crazy lady with a cupcake problem”. 

It was just so good, how could I not hoover it?

There might have been a coconut and a lemon/lemon cupcakes in there, but they mysteriously dissapeared. Who could have possibly….nevermind.
Michelle was looking at them online today and what do you know – they ship!! Woooo!

Oh there various flavor possibilities…I can’t possibly wait until my next Georgetown Cucpake experience.