The last week while I was in DC didn’t allow me much cooking, well, none really. It was a nice break not to have to worry about a mountain of dishes or baked on food gunk that required Kryptonian Super Soap to remove. But this weekend I made up for it with a batch of Cinnamon Rolls from some restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and a pan of Ree’s (Pioneer Woman…I just call her Ree cause I think we were destined to be besties) Chicken Spaghetti. It was great to break back into cooking the right way.  Ben was impressed and Michelle seemed relieved to not have to worry about the cooking for once…though it was not her normally heart healthy fare by any means, at least she didn’t have to slave over the hot stove. I did so willingly.

But after all was said and done, my weekend in Pullman with Ben and Michelle had to end and I made the trek back home with Huck in tow. With fall in full swing and harvest now done, all the glorious fruits and veggies have made their debuts at all the produce stands and markets. I-90 was going by but the sight of Gibson Produce caught my eye and I swerved to make the exit. Gibson is located directly behind the famed Thorp Fruit market in as it would happen – Thorp, Wa.

When I stepped out of the car and took a long stretch from the 4 hours I’d already been driving, I bounced on in there and took in all the fruits and veggies my eye could behold. Honeycrisp apples are always top of my list,  so I grabbed a few, and on my way to the register I b-lined for the jams and jellies.  And what did I find, but some Huckleberry jam. *Insert the sound of angels singing here*.

I can’t wait to make a batch of scones and top them with the gorgeous red goo in that jar.

Amongst all the rest of the apples and jams, there was plenty else to take in.

Pumpkins of all kinds, and even funny warts on the sides.
Heirloom tomatoes with so many culinary possibilities.

Peppers of varying intensities drying in bunches.

Corn dried and ready for decorations only Martha Stewart could pull off.
And so much more that a hokey country heart can really appreciate.
Gosh I love these fruit stands, they really help make an unbearable drive a heck of a lot easier.