There are endless fields of wheat, and so besides farming all of that – what else can you do? Well, golf! 

WSU spent nearly two years tearing out and replacing it’s golf course and it’s now ranked amongst college links and rated in several golf magazines… Yay them. And since it’s so conveniently located, Ben and I figured we’d make an evening of it and go wail on a bucket a balls. It probably wasn’t sure a good idea with the wonky back, but it was pretty freakin’ fun anyway. 

Ben’s golfed a couple times before, and me – not so much. My dad tried to get me on the links, but it never really never stuck. The most I picked up from golf was catching it on TV while I furiously flipped channels…Clearly golf is not my bag. HA.

I think by the end I was doing a little better, as I tried to ignore the divets I knockied into the grass. Whoops. 

But still – 80 in Pullman and golfing at dusk, it’s not a bad way to end the day.