I’ve become a bit of a freak…wait… Nope, there’s no where else to go with that, so let’s just expand on it shall we?

Well, a cooking freak is a bit more like it. The last few months have been filled with cooking tests and trials, cake baking and wrecking. Not to mention endless loads and loads of dishes.

And now I have the America’s Test Kitchen Complete Cookbook. What is wrong with me?!
I support local programming, and my expanded waist line. But it’s for a good cause. (I’ll keep telling myself that.)

Notice all of the bookmarks? I decided I should bookmark all the recipes I wanted to try…The last half of the book is all the sweet stuff – there was no need to bookmark all that – cause I would waste endless amounts of post-it’s since I want to try ALL of them!!

And now I know what my next week’s TV schedule will be reduced too – How I Met Your Mother reruns and This….