It’s Seth’s 9th Birthday this weekend. Seth is the cute little Toehead of my coworker Tammy. Let me tell you how awesome this little dude is. He loves being outside, mud, being dirty, playing and Monser Trucks.

Huck and Seth get along like they’re soul mates. Two boys running around until they are just plumb tuckered out.  It’s a precious site to see.

Since I’ve been doing this cake decorating thing, I’ve been wanting to practice and now that there is this fantastic birthday coming up – I have a fantastic opportunity to see if I’m any good at this thing…

It start three days ago, buying an entire mini-cart of cake mixes, frostings, ingredients and cupcake tins.  The poor guy at the check out counter just looked at me, and said “You gonna do a little baking?”. Yeah dude – A LITTLE.

For the whole Monster Truck scene I was going to try and create, I had to start with a cake loaf, so I could carve out a ramp for the awesome demolition section.

And next was to frost all 24 cupcakes. Cupcake cakes seem to be a big thing now, so I went with it!!

And three cans of thinned frosting later, it was nearly complete. Except for the one thing that kept happening was frosting would fall down into the little holes between the cupcakes. Oh well, more for the kids!!

But we can’t forget since this is a Monster Truck cake, we need a ramp to jump a truck over! Here’s the rough frosting of it. When it dried I tried to smooth it down a bit and make it look a little more refined. But really – what 9 year old is going to care about non-smoothed frosting?

So the elements are all there for the perfect Monster Truck cake. Tammy will be hunting down the appropriate toy cars to top this whole thing with. I just really hope it meets that awesome 9 year olds standards!!