Cast iron skillet cooking can be intimidating, but these impressive and easy cast iron recipes will break down the barriers and make you wonder what took you so long to dive right in!

easy cast iron recipes collage with four recipes in white cast iron and black cast iron pans on white backgrounds

Cooking in cast iron has made a come back in recent years, and it is no wonder. It’s not that it ever went away, but it was put aside in favor of more tech savvy skillets with non-stick and other less fussy seeming pans. But the tried and true, practically indestructible nature of cast iron skillets are what make them special. And they make a superior crust on a steak!

I love my cast iron pans so much, I even wrote a cookbook about them five years ago. Ree Drummond even gave it a nice shout! Here I compiled some of my very favorite cast iron cooking recipes for you to try, if you’re new to cast iron cooking, or a tried and true sage at the stove.

Some of these use standard a 10″ cast iron skillet, while others use enameled cast iron. You can use whatever works best for you, and they are often interchangeable. For the long simmering or braised recipes, like Homesick Texan’s brisket, use a 6-quart Dutch oven. I’ve linked to my favorites above.

Overhead view of goat cheese pesto skillet lasagna

Goat Cheese Pesto Skillet Lasagna

This Goat Cheese Pesto Skillet Lasagna is a hearty, no-fuss dinner that comes together in under an hour!

Overhead view of Double Chocolate Toffee Nutella Skillet Brownie

Double Chocolate Nutella Toffee Skillet Brownie

This Double Chocolate Nutella Toffee Skillet Brownie will make you swoon and drool with ultra soft, extra chocolatey batter and full of toffee pieces!

Easy Hawaiian Kalua Pig - No Smoke Pit Required, just a dutch oven at home!

Easy Hawaiian Kalua Pig

This Easy Hawaiian Kalua Pig takes the guesswork, and pit, out of the traditional Hawaiian smoked pig so you can make it at home in a couple of easy steps!

All American Mini Meatloaf - These mini meatloaves are perfect for a week night meal and will satisfy the biggest meat eater in your house!! -

All American Mini Meatloaves

This All American Mini Meatloaves is perfect for a week night meal and will satisfy the biggest meat eater in your house!!

Cheesy Green Chile Skillet Beer Bread -

Cheesy Green Chile Skillet Beer Bread

This cheesy green chile beer bread is best served with a big bowl of hot chili. You won’t be sorry with the chill comes this fall.

Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne

This low and slow cooked chili is packed with shredded beef, and beans, cooked low and slow and then topped with cheese for the most excellent chili con carne you have ever had!  And it is epic on top of hot dogs for chili dogs! 

The most incredible brisket on the face of the the EARTH!! This was a life altering experience! Try Homesick Texan's Sunday Brisket TONIGHT! It's so easy -

Homesick Texan’s Sunday Brisket

This is a life changing dinner, made it one pot! Homesick Texan’s Sunday Brisket is easy, over-the-top flavorful, and will change your whole life. If the brisket doesn’t do it, the horseradish jalapeno sauce will!

chili pasta in a yellow cast iron pot on a wire trivet

Ultimate One Pot Chili Mac

Perfect for the whole family, this ultimate one pot chili mac feeds a crowd, and is easy enough for a weeknight meal. Customize it with added veggies, or roasted squash for fall!

skillet beef and green beans on a dark background overhead photo

Whole30 Compliant Beef and Blistered Green Beans

Don’t miss out on good take out while on Whole30! This Whole30 compliant beef and blistered green beans tastes better than any takeout with fresh beans and thinly sliced flank steak.

Cast Iron Bavette Steak with Whiskey Garlic Cream Sauce

Flavorful, tender, and under appreciated Cast Iron Bavette Steak with Whiskey Garlic Cream Sauce is actually an easy weeknight meal, with high end restaurant flair!

One Pot Lemon Basil Pasta

20 minutes is all you need for this one pot lemon basil pasta! No draining, and no fuss. It tastes light and elegant with a sauce made in the same pot, too! I usually have very mixed feelings about “one pot” recipes, because they usually don’t create a balance of flavors, or actually do require