Day 4, people! 4 days of cocktails. 4 days of gorgeous girls bringing you equally gorgeous and yummy drinks. How in the world can this be a bad thing? That’s right, it can’t be.

Today we have Madeline from Munching in the Mitten sharing her Blueberry Smash Cocktail– that is fresh, fruity and a stress reliever to make! Smashing things, particularly fruit that can be turned into a cocktail, is always fun.

Hard work deserves a tasty reward. Smash + Drink = Win.

Next we have the eternally lovely and NEWLY MARRIED Mads, from La Petite Pancake, bringing out our slow sipping dressed up cocktail in a Peach Bellini.

Fruit and champagne never looked or tasted so sexy. What?

Fact: Cocktails can be classy and sexy.

And if you’re new to our Reindeer Games proceedings – be sure to belly up to the bar with all the lovely ladies of Cocktail Week at their various sites.

Kirsten – Traverse City Cherry Mojito

Allison – Peach Pie Palmer & Radler

Carrie – Raspberry Thyme Tom Collins

Kat – Amaretto Sours

Katie – Watermelon Mojo

Lauren – La Paloma

Bellying up to the bar with us tomorrow will be Jeanne and Allison.

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Happy Cocktailing!