Now that the rest of the nation is sufficiently sweltering in temperatures that can only be the result of the sun hurdling towards us at unbreakable speed – stay cool and try not to melt with these next cocktails on our Cocktail Week lineup!

It also dawned on me today, sadly it took five days – that with all of this booze languishing around the interwebs- some of you may not be big drinkers – and heavens, I do not want to leave anyone out!! We sound like a big bunch of lushes here with a week devoted to The Booze – but I realized a handy tip that ensures all of friends, can join in the fun of this week!

Torani syrups have been used for ages in your favorite espresso and coffee confections – so opt to use on of their flavored syrups in lieu of the boozy counterparts! All the flavor and none of the sin.

And with like 6 bazillion flavors, including Bacon (no this is not a joke, I seen it!), you are bound to fine one or two to add into your summer swilling drink! Not that I condone any cold drink with bacon flavored syrup in it – unless it’s a Bloody Mary, or plain ol’ tomato juice.

Proof - It Does Exist

And here are some of their more “normal” flavors including – Cheesecake. Cracka, Please – I think I need to go home and make a cheesecake now. Oh, the power of persuasion.

The whole round about point is – don’t be left out of these frosted drink cahoots! Below is one  Cherry Amaretto Granitas that would be fantastic using Torani’s Amaretto syrup in place of real Amaretto. Seriously, I want to whole batch of this to myself!

The lovely, vivacious, precocious, and Texan-through-and-through homegirl Jeanne has whipped us up a batch thanks to the help of her dear sainted Mama. Hi, Mama!!

My will power to resist this beauty is gone, just plain gone.

And we are also celebrating with Allison as she whips up a Sgoppino for her 10-year anniversary!

Can I get a Holla?! Holla!

Stop her and celebrate with her and toast another 10 more blissfully happy years to come. We love you, Allison!

And if you’re new the our Cocktail Week proceedings – visit the rest of our group bellied up to the bar!

Kirsten  – Traverse City Cherry Mojito

Allison – Radler, Peach Palmer

Lauren – La Paloma

Mads- Peach Bellini

Madeline – Blueberry Smash

Katie – Watermelon Mojo

Carrie – Raspberry Thyme Tom Collins

Kat – Amaretto Sours

Tomorrow we’ll have a few end of the week drinks that will get you prepped and ready for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday – a lemonade, a martini and one more mojito, just for good measure.

And don’t forget – There is still that beautiful Crystal Blue KitchenAid 5-speed Blender up for grabs. Don’t forget to share the love and the cocktails! Hurry and enter before it’s gone!