It’s gettin’ hawt in cheer – so take off all your…wait, no. Keep your clothes on – but if it is hot where you are (which by that means everywhere but the PNW and Florida – Thanks Debby) just mix yourself one of the sinful boozy creations whipped up this week by any or all of the Cocktail Week Crew.

Between 10 bloggers – there are about about 15 different drinks being served up for you so there is bound to be something you’ll fall off your barstool for. Okay, scratch that – no falling allowed, unless it’s for the drink and not because of the drink.

You know what I mean.

The last few days you’ve met some of the raucous women I so lovingly call friends – and if you have missed them be sure to stop on by their sites and see what glory filled glasses they have created.

Today Katie from The Hill Country Cook is whipping up a Watermelon Mojo that is packed with fruit – so it’s technically a smoothie – and as any self respecting Texas girl would – a insta-drunk pour of Everclear.

Because vodka is for sissies…

And on the flip side we have Lauren from Climbing Grier Mountain pouring a la Paloma for us. If this doesn’t get you speaking sultry Spanish and shaking your hips Coyote Ugly style – there is just no hope for you.

And of course – Allison from Decadent Philistines with her German inspired beer soda – the Radler. Let’s pause for a moment and discuss this. A beer soda – equal parts Pilsner beer and lemon soda. Take that beer-garita – I think there’s a new kid on this street bar!

I am a very happy Czech girl with this carbonated lemon beer combo staring me in the face.

If you don’t think this is a thing, need I remind you that citrus and beer go together like yoga pants and a Sunday? Have you ever had an orange wedge with your Blue Moon? See, citrus and beer.

Boom! Lawyered.

Catch up with these three raucous women and see for yourself what beauty can be created in a glass.

And don’t forget to catch up on the rest of Cocktail Week with the rest of the crew!

Me – Raging Aztec Frappe and a KITCHENAID BLENDER GIVEAWAY!

Kirsten – Traverse City Cherry Mojito

Allison – Peach Pie Palmer  and Radler

Carrie – Raspberry Tom Collins

Kat – Amaretto Sour

And stay tuned the rest of the week for the rest of the crew’s fantabulous tipsy drinks, including Madeline, Jeanne and Mads (who just got freakin’ MARRIED!) – you’ll fall over from bliss – or osmosis from taking in booze via the computer screen – promise!!