It’s that time of year where little kids don their galoshes, raincoats, and beanies to trudge out into the various pumpkin patches around western Washington to search for the elusive ‘perfect pumpkin’.

And being a small child myself, at least mentally, I drug Ben out to go search for one myself. I may be nearing 25, but there is nothing in the rules of life that says I can’t enjoy being a kid from time to time.

We missed most of the rain this morning and made it to Fall City Farms, outside well Fall City, Wa.

The tractor tours were ready to go and the farm was all a bustle with families, animals and rigs hauling pumpkins to an fro.

Hi Hunny!!!

Everything was adorned in fall wear, from the corn stalks resting on the posts, and the scarecrows sitting in their chairs, fall is all around.

I just loved these creepy gords. 

Here at Fall City Farms they produce their own honey, this being a Habanero honey, I’m oddly intrigued and curious about it. But I’m a woose about the hot stuff, this might be good though…I’m just not brave enough.

Yesterday I bought 12 pounds of apples to make apple butter…Now I’m wishing I had a 12 pound pumpkin to make Pumpkin butter. Epic fail on my part.

You can’t say this isn’t a lovely farm, on a typical cloudy western Washington day. 
And I found my perfect pumpkin!! He’s a BEAST!
But, after some man handling him, I got him under control and ready to be taken home.

Ben’s farmer-ness came out when he saw the seed drill laying in the field. He had to snap a few shots.

When we wandered back we stumbled on the creepy warty pumpkins. They need to put out a pumpkin wide PSA about the protecting our pumpkins. Promote safe pumpkin-ing!!

But I digress. 
Just focus on these hot sugared doughnuts we left with as well. If those weren’t heaven I don’t know what is!!
So now I will go cuddle with my little pumpkin, he’s just too cute.