Fondant class is coming up soon, and I’m throughly uninspired by the boxed stuff I had to go and buy.
And a few website searches later, I was still nervous about the prospect of making my own. A glorfied marshmellow mess here and another there, that’s the only kind of homemade fondant I could find. And not to mention not one review that made them glow.

Until, All Recipes had the answer. With 15,000 people saving the buttercream fondant recipe and 371 glowing ratings, I had to pick this one. It didn’t include marshmallows, and I could do it in my mixer! No goopy hands here thank you!

Cause really I want to avoid to be picking up lint on my mallowed hands or having Huck lick the remants of the sticky goo that would inevitably exercise the mind of it’s own and will itself to stay on my hands for eternity…

So here it is-
1 cup of light corn syrup
1 cup of shortening
1/2 teaspoon of table salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 pounds (Yeah Pounds) of sifted powdered sugar.
*keep some extra sugar around for later – just in case*

This was really incredibly simple. I was terrified of some complicated thing mostly because fondant is a bit tough to work with, and to amke it look nice you kinda gotta know what you’re doing.

But let’s start here.

Whip the shortening and the corn syrup until it’s a nice stiff consistency. The attachment I picked up at Beka’s recommendation is the single BEST thing to happen to Kitchen Aid. It’s an off non-Kitchen-Aid brand, but it scrapes and beats all at the same time, basically eliminating the “stop – scrape” method. Annoying! (Fine,  I just like new cool crap – OKAY?!)

Here’s the result of whipped mess. Nice smooth stiff consistency.
After this, I recommend switching to a dough hook attachment if you have one. It’ll be like playdough, so do yourself and your tired machine a favor. Would I steer you wrong?

Here’s the final result. There will be little bits and pieces at the bottom of bowl, so knead those in with your hands if you want. It’s like being a kid all over again. Who says that growing up means you can’t revert back to your childhood every Once in a while?

I let this sit the recommended time of overnight. But they say you Can you use it after a few hours rest. I noticed that it was pretty greasy – alllll that shortening might have had something to do with it. Ya think?
If after sitting you notice it is still greasy, toss more sifted powdered sugar on there and knead it in.

There are big plans for this wad of sugar and grease. But you’ll just have to check back later. Suspense – yes?