So with Ben and my two year anniversary this week, we decided it would be great to do a smaller scale celebration, just an over night stay-cation rather than the weeklong adventure that was our one year anniversary trip to Yellowstone like last year. 
My family lived and owner a small mom-n-pop country store near Bellingham for over five years, so in those weekends and school vacations I got to spend up there, it was home. Home is where your family is, and with my family being far and wide, I suppose I have many homes. But Alger was a great one filled with many wonderful people, some crazy hippies to be sure, but still many wonderful people.
The Chrysalis was recommended to me by Nisey, my step-mom. She had gone up there for a spa retreat from my dad. And when she got back she was glowing. Ever since then, I myself have been wanting to go – and now seemed like no better time!!
So when we got there, my jaw dropped and I did little happy bounces up and down cause I was immediately in love.
The view over this place over looked was equally as stunning as the place itself. But since I’m a total girl who likes my girly time, I also fell head over heels for the bathroom with it’s slate floors, warm colors, big tubs and glass shower that I know if I owned myself I could never kept clean. But still…
With a tub like that, how could you not just jump in and sit in it a while – even when there is no water?
And what did I say about that shower, ahhhh.
The Chrysalis was really wonderful. Spa massages, cute coupley crap that makes your heart go pitter patter, and thisview from our window at sunset…how could you not fall in love??