With it being Halloween weekend, it was reason enough to celebrate. The second being that it was also my birthday, my 25th on Halloween to be exact. My quarter-life has come and I celebrate, mourn, and then get over it with a drink with good food and my best friends.

For weeks, Beka has been wanting to make sure this is a great party and pull out all the stops. And pull out all the stops she did. Starting this whole thing off properly meant getting a menu all prepared. That was easy enough, since I jumped right on the Surf N’ Turf ban wagon. Even though I live in Seattle, there’s not always much of an occasion to bust out the crab legs, but turning 25 seemed like an acceptable reason to do so.

The one part we could not get figure out for the life of us, was the choice of cupcakes that would be served. We’re two bakers, this shouldn’t ideally be a difficult decision, but alas for two bakers it is really the most difficult decision in the world. At some point there was talk of pumpkin cupcakes with bourbon cheesecake frosting like I had made for my office Throwdown, but with the clock winding down on the preparation for the event, I had come the conclusion that a box of Devil’s food cake mix and a jar of cream cheese frosting would do just fine. But of course, Beka beat me to it and had already whipped up Spiced Apple Cupcakes with a Brown Sugar Cream Cheese frosting. Oh dear me!! They are amazing. I can’t believe they are still here at my apartment, goodness!

But either way, there were cupcakes, good food, and some of my favorite people all together – what more could a quarter-life crisisee ask for?

And to top it all off – I got presents!! 
I thought my friends were great before, but they really raised the bar. They are amazing people, that really know the way to my heart.
Ben brought out all the stops with a gorgeous apple red 6quart enameled cast iron dutch oven. This is why I keep this man around, he listens to my ceaseless whining and begging for enameled cast iron.
Beka bought me a little Le Crueset in the form of a mini mortar and pestle and mini-cocette to be used as a salt crock. Another win.
And of course, Ms Kandace who bought me the most wonderful of heavy duty baking pans that will make Christmas cookies from here until the end of time. This will only ensure we have each other to bake with for just as long. Oh, do I heart her.
From the parents of course, did not disappoint.
Now maybe I’ll actually iron my clothes instead of hurrying to hang them while still warm and before the wrinkles set in.
How I despise laundry…
An acrylic cookbook holder, protector and all in all brilliant idea.
Brilliant and practical, again.
Last of all, more baking dishes from Dad and Nisey. These will rule the holidays, I assure you.
This was a wonderful, busy, cheery, and fun filled weekend. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than just to spend it with all of the people that mean so much to me. 
I have much more than the material things, but friends for eternity and love for each other that knows no bounds. 
But the material things sure didn’t hurt – it just ensures that I’ll have people to cook for forever.
(Now that’s ominous isn’t it?! Ha!)