1) Does anyone have a pair of rested eyes I can borrow? There are circles under my eyes that look like plums at this point.

1a) This is because it was a ridiculously busy weekend, to which I’ll tell you in a minute. Keep reading, it’s so worth your wait. I promise!! Big awesome cool stuff!

Memorial Day Weekend is four crap, three days away. The 25th marks exactly 2 months, eight weeks, 60 days, 1,440 hours since I’ve seen Ben for any great length of time.

1b) Okay, sorry – let me clarify – 1,338 hours that I’ve gone without seeing him. There was a whopping two quality hours that I got to spend with him two weeks ago when I made a Smokey and the Bandit style run out to the Palouse on a Friday night grasping at all hopes of getting to spend a half a weekend with him during a busy season that can only be reffered to as sucktastic. Yes, sucktastic – just like a Bieber obsessed 13 year old girl would say. One hour before his head hit the pillow and one hour as he was getting ready for work doesn’t exactly qualify as “quality time” but it is what it is when you’re marrying a man who works in agriculture.

2) This weekend (barring all catastrophes of him working (which I’m still counting and betting will happen)) I will get to spend with him taking care of various wedding things (rings, booking honeymoon, getting his Passport.) *Gasp*  I know, how does he still not have that damn thing?! And yay, more wedding stuff. Cause that’s what a poor working man wants to deal with on his first weekend off work in 2 months…

3) Is it really Wednesday already? Send help.

4) There are five things on my “Make it or Bake it” List. Now that I’m in panic mode, I want to just bake. It’s relaxing. I needz it. And they all involve berries and carbs.

5) Here’s the big news! The matching pair of plum colored circles I have under my eyes correspond to the lack of sleep I got over the weekend doing really cool stuff like this and even cooler, more BA and epicer (can epic-er be a word, just this once?)- I was on the TV!!!

6a) Apparently I’m not savvy enough to add the video into the blog machine, so click the link to take you right to the video!!

7) The day started early with lots of coffee.


And looks that would make any mother proud…

7b-ish) Wine pairings behind the scenes.


And happy Chicken Piccata eating faces.

It was a fantastic experience – one that I hope I can repeat, often. Click the link here to see the Video! Hopefully you will find my nervous laughter and awkward expressions as entertaining as the food… Feel free to laugh at me, I did plenty at myself as I tried to slink away from the counter. Count how many times I was pushed back up to the counter during the segment… It corresponds directly to my level of nervousness. To top it off I forgot my CertainDri. I consider it a blessing I didn’t flop sweat through my cardi.

Now – to get to my relaxation baking. C’mere carbs, come to Mama!!

*Click HERE* to see another fabulous recipe from Our Lady of Second Helpings and her sesame crusted tofu. You will adore her!!