A couple of months ago, my bestie Sara moved out to DC. The differences between Boise and DC are vast…VAST I tell you!! And when she moved out there with a couple of suitcases and her unimaginable gumption and spunk, she left a lot of stuff behind. Those things namely being her car, her dog, and the precious things and memories you can’t live without.

Now, knowing she was going to have to make another trip home to Boise to retrieve these things and then proceed to drive All the way back east I, as any good and somewhat crazy friend would do, volunteered (read – demanded) that I would help.  This would be an adventure like many we’ve had together before and we could catch up, see the country in one fell swoop and just have a ball like the days when we’d actually see each other on a regular basis. And did I mention I had a few extra days of vacation that I needed to use?

And so it began in Boise, or rather Seattle for me since I had to fly to Boise to meet her and our other “roomie” from college, Farley.  After being tackled (I am not exaggerating), we hit up downtown at our traditional spot the Bittercreek restaurant and bar to have dinner. By 9, we were all sufficiently tired (and lame for being tired at NINE), we parted ways and took off to Sara’s parents house outside of the tiny town of Sweet.

There are many reasons I love this place, because it’s out in the middle of nowhere, it’s gorgeous, and I spent a few weekends during college visiting Sara and her family on the ranch they have outside town.

So we spent the night at her parents house, and this morning upon waking up I was able to take in more of the magic of that home and the land that I had not been able to see in the dark. The most notable thing I was able to drool over was the kitchen – my Dream Kitchen I might add. (Yes, I am perhaps a dork – but if you’re reading this you don’t care that I am such.)

A stainless steel gas range, hello Lover!
And you, custom marble country sink – I say to you “I love you”.
This kitchen is spectacular, designed by Sara’s parents and executed wonderfully. But with this wonderful dream-worthy kitchen, it needs to be put to good use…
…By making warm spiced scones for breakfast and slathering them with jams and butters to my hearts content.
After breakfast, we had to take off, making good time from Boise, through the northeast corner of Utah and now stopping in Little America, Wyoming.  And do you wanna know what we saw on the way?
A whole lots of nothing. 
At least I’ve got my bestie and her crazy dog for company and one heck of an adventure.