Home is where the heart is. It’s where you kick the dirt. Life happens here. The infinite draw you can have to one particular place can be indescribable and utterly powerful. The Palouse is that place for me.

The Palouse is the reason behind this blog, it’s the force behind me keeping those little tangibles of my once country lifestyle a part of my daily life here in the big city. And one day, Ben and I are determined to go back. For the next few years, we’re content to take the scenic route home. After his nursing school is finished and I’ve achieved all I need to here in the city – maybe we’ll be back there amongst those rolling hills and awe inspiring sunsets. Time will tell.
 Seen Better Days – Outside Pullman, WA

Wild Oats at Sunset – Near Kamiak Butte Park, Outside Pullman, WA

Domed Round Barn – Near Moscow, Idaho.

 Another Sunrise – Near Pullman, Wa

Sunrise at Kamiak Butte

Days Gone By – Near Colfax, WA

Grass Over a Cut Barley Field – North of Kamiak Butte
The Goods – In Palouse, WA.

The Cross of Main and Hall – Palouse, Wa

Staring in Wonder – Palouse Days Parade 2008 – Palouse, WA