Okay, well there is the Count of Monte Cristo – and this is my attempt at a Monte Cristo Breakfast Sammie.

This last weekend in Seattle, it rained. Big surprise, right? Well, this was no ordinary rain. It was torrential, Hollywood-esque rain. I practically had a water amusement park outside my porch.

See, I really wasn’t kidding. Eeep!!
But I had no fear. With all that rain coming down, I knew that the one solution I had was to stay inside all day to cook and bake my little heart out.
For this grocery list you will need:
~Loaf of French Bread
~2 eggs, one for an egg-wash and one for the sammie
~ Cheese of choice
~ Pork Sausage
~Maple Syrup if you’re into that kinda thing…

Since I frequently am just cooking for one, these are just guesstimate measurements. But for the wash, crack and whip up one egg. Put two decent size “dashes” of cinnamon into the mix, one “dash” of nutmeg, and a 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla into the mix. Whisk up and set aside for your slices of bread momentarily.

After you slice two thick (do yourself a favor and take a good slab) slices of bread and dip them in the wash. Toss in a heated and sprayed pan to cook.
Where the “monte cristo” part of this sandwich goes off the rails is that the pork sausage has to be cooked separately, not allowing you to dip the entirety of the sammie into the egg without cooking the inner parts first. With a Monte, at least cold cuts and pre-cured meats are used, so you can dip it all in at once and consider it good. This is a bit different, but the spirit remains the same. Stick with me here!

Like I said, in your seperate pan, cook up a patty of pork sausage. Season as you like. I’m not much of a pepper person, so I just kept it plain and simple. Look at that beautifully crisp baby. 
When the sausage is done cooking, retain the pan and wipe clean of the majority of the grease. It’s great to fry up and egg with a little grease left in. How could you not. Your arteries might not like you so much, but they’ll get over it.
So when all pieces are cooked up, lay in sammie form, french toast, pork, cheese and scrambled egg on top. 
The other part that this has in common with a Monte…Raspberry Jam. Do it, you won’t regret it.
But if you’re into Syrup, it’ll do ya just fine too.

This is wonderful served up with some of the Healthy Waldorff-ish Salad – help balance out the “badness” of the sausage breakfast sammie. I’m trying to help ya here, promise!!