Holly Miles!!

For the 100 Facebook fan giveaway, I wanted to bribe everyone into liking the page with the enticement of a little Le Creuset. 
So for each entry, I made a spreadsheet  (Yes, I’m a nerd I like spreadsheets) to keep accurate tabs on all of you and make sure each person counted. (Yes, you all count to me. Awww.)
Thanks to the plethora of free random number generators on the internet, I typed in my number of entries and it spit out a number, which corresponded to a name. See, I’m trying to keep this legit here!
And as luck would have it Holly won! 
I met Holly and her mother earlier this year with Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond, was in Seattle signing her cookbook. The three of us gabbed for hours about cooking, life, and the general hilarity that seeps into our seemingly ordinary but slightly dysfunctional everyday lives. Hey, if there isn’t any dysfunction in your life, you’re just not livin’ it right!
Those two are wonderful women, and I was very lucky to meet them that day and keep in touch with them still. 
Holly, I hope you like your Le Creuset and it brings some Caribbean sunshine (Cause the Le Creuset color is Carribean, get it?) to your wet and sloppy Seattle Winter.
Thank you everyone for your entries, this is has been so much fun – I can’t wait until the next giveaway!
Happy Holidays all! ~Megan aka Wanna Be A Country Cleaver