Sometimes, as wonderful as it is to putz around in the kitchen for hours on end, creating, re-vamping, and photographing all of the stuff that comes out of said shoebox of a kitchen – it’s also nice not to cook, dirty, muck up and incessantly clean everything in sight.

Sometimes, it’s nice to kick back, sleep in until 8, watch the the collective series of The West Wing beginning with season 1 with a large mug of coffee in hand (of course), and go have a date night out in the big city with your hunny. 
(*Sidebar* – Now let me just tell you that our date night included seeing Harry Potter 7 part 2 in 3D IMAX – and Oh. Em. Gee. Mind…. Blown. Okay, got that off my chest.)
And sometimes, when I’m feeling guilty about neglecting this little blog and sharing my life with you all, I feel I should give something away to make up for the blank screen left before you these last few days. 
Recently, WBACC has passed 500 fans on Facebook. Wow. I’m positively twitter-patted at the response that everyone drummed up. You all are absolutely wonderful, there are no words. Really. 
To thank all of you for your overwhelming responses and encouragements, I’m doing ANOTHER giveaway!! This is the second giveaway in as many weeks, and I have to confess they are as much fun for me as they are for you. 
Fine, you may just stop in from time to time to try and win free stuff – I don’t judge, cause it’s free stuff – but it also gives me a chance to indulge my shopping bug and not fill up my apartment with more stuff! Cause really, there are only so many nooks, crannies and bookshelves for me to put things. It’s just best for all of us if this stuff goes right to YOU!
In conclusion, I’m giving away a copy of The Best of America’s Test Kitchen 2010
Here it is in all of it’s glory. 
On the cover is their 3 Chocolate Layer Cake. 
While watching the episode of ATK that featured this recipe, they said this is perhaps the best recipes they’d ever created.
And now, it’s yours! 
You’re welcome.

As per usual, ATK lays gives you a wide range of recipes to try and stretch your culinary legs. 
Best of all, they’ve attempted, revamped, recreated and tested everything leaving you with a dish that will come out perfectly every time. 
How could you not fall in love with this kind of simplicity and perfection?
That’s what I thought.

Photos directly from ATK Book. I photographed the photograph, cause I’m awesome like that.
And to top it off, there is some beautiful food photography. When has a pumpkin pie ever looked so divine?
To Enter:
Leave a comment telling me what type of dish you’d create out of this book first. Are you a hard core appe-teaser fanatic, or a give-me-some-sugar fiend? 
Additional Entries: 

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~ “Like” Wanna Be A Country Cleaver on Facebook. Leave a comment telling me that you have done so. (If you’re already a fan, just let me know you are.)
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Retweet this giveaway with the following,
“@CountryCleaver is doing a #GIVEAWAY of @Test Kitchen The Best Recipes of 2010! Ends 8/6! RT !!      
That’s a total of 5 ways to win. So get a move on people! This giveaway ends on Saturday the 6th of August.   
Can’t wait to give this baby away and share the America’s Test Kitchen Love!!
*Obligatory Author’s Note* This giveaway was furnished entirely on my own dime, much to my hunny’s dismay at my spending money. But who am I kidding, I love ATK and spending money on people I heart – like YOU!