Despite all of my efforts of eating healthy, working out and making sure a year from now I can still knock some socks off in my wedding dress – I’ve been reeling with the most outrageous cravings for everything bad for me under the sun. Now let me clarify. Perhaps all of the deliciousness floating around the web isn’t bad for me, per se – but it’s not as healthy as healthy can get. You get where I’m going with this.

Everyday, food bloggers splash their fare all over the internet enticing us to come to the dark side. Afterall, the dark side has cookies – if you hadn’t heard. And with so many popping up everyday it’s hard to keep track of them all, especially when I’m trying to keep up with them and create my own delicious dishes. It’s exhausting!!

So, in comes The List. Yes, for a while I was actually keeping a list of links and recipes from fellow food bloggers of things I simply had to try. But it was become a tedious process when Everything I saw I wanted to try! Blast! But here anyway, are a few of the recipes I’ve been dying to try and hopefully by the end of this post – you’ll be craving them on an unnatural level too.

 Smokey Mac ‘n Cheese from Muriel Miller of Cook Bake and Decorate.
Seriously, this couldn’t have come at a more “inopportune” time for my diet. Mac and cheese is my all time FAVORITE dish. If I were on death row – it’d be part of my last meal. Not that I’m looking to end up on death row anytime soon (or EVER).
Homegirl makes some mean looking food and this is no different. Chiles, eggs, cream and cheese? Hello, I’m a goner. 
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a shrimp fan. But dip them in beer batter and sprinkle them with coconut? Game. Changer. 
It’s pasta AND salad – so it’s technically healthy, right? Either way, my obsession with florentine anything coupled with perfectly al dente tortellinis would have me facedown in this bowl, barely resurfacing for air.
I’m not above it.
It’s got lots of avocado and fatty (albeit, healthy fat) salmon fish. I’m terrified of making a bad ceviche, so this is one that has stayed in my backpocket. Maybe I’ll need to bite the bullet and just do it. Even if the presentation isn’t perfect, it’ll still taste amazing.

Really? I mean, c’mon!! How could any hormonally crazed PMSing girl pass up a slice of this? 
Not one. Or if you do, there’s a problem. *drool*
It’s cheese. Baked in dough. Covered in pecans and booze. 
That’s all I need to say.
Bond, James Bond knows a thing about Martinis. So if someone is willing to perfect the recipe and then I can partake – count me in. Mmmmm James Bond. 
Creamy Chicken and Sun-dried Tomato Fettucine from Natalie at Perry’s Plate
I’ll admit – this is one I’ve had a few times before, but it never ceases to impress or satisfy my fix for carbs, spinach and cheese. My stomach is growling like a dinosaur for this one right now…no joke.
Kay’s blog was one of the first ones I began to read and never, not once has a recipe she created ever disappointed. She’s been an inspiration and cravings-instigator over the last year and change for me. Not to mention her being one of the kindest and most humble women – ever. You can’t help but fall for her food and photography.
And lastly – to top off this gluttonous mass of scrumptious sin, we need one more more adult beverage.
Colorful, fruity (ie – healthy), fizzy and boozy. A perfect combination, especially when you’re reeling form the heat this summer has so unceremoniously imposed on this nation.
So there we have it. Despite all of my efforts all I want to do is make a double Loughanis off of the health food wagon…but I remember – WEDDING DRESS. 
But one or two food sins won’t hurt too much, right?