Can’t spend much time in one place? There is always a way to make the most of it, and that’s what we did at Sun Valley Resort. 

Make the most of your visit to historic Sun Valley Resort! -

There is no secret that beside Washington, Idaho is one of my favorite places to be. The colors are spectacular and the instant I step foot in the country I breathe an instant sigh of relief and relaxation. It’s like a giant Idahoan chill pill. On my trip to Idaho a couple months ago our last night we stayed at the newly renovated, and historic Sun Valley Resort.  Not only is it tucked away in the aspen and pine covered mountains of central Idaho, it’s also steeped in history as the first ski resort in the US with many of it’s guests amongst the best known celebrities, royals, athletes and politicians in the world. When you walk in, you can see why people flock to Sun Valley again and again. 

Sun Valley Resort Idaho

Once we arrived, my first mission was to photograph the whole room before I launched myself on to the bed. Like I have a tendency to do at every hotel I go to. Seriously, can’t take me anywhere. Then there was the bathroom that I could fit my whole living room, dining room, and kitchen into with room to spare. Everything newly renovated was shiny and new, and begging to be used. You bet I absolutely took a bath in the GINORMOUS soaker tub after dinner that night.

And despite the wicked head cold I had, I slept great that night.

Make the most of your visit to historic Sun Valley Resort! -

Because there was so little time to spend in Sun Valley, Lauren and I woke up early and opted for a walk to downtown early in the morning to grab coffee, stretch our legs, and explore. We even made a few friends along the way!!

When we returned, we stopped at Gretchen’s for ham and cheese croissants and muffins to go with our coffee. Good choice on our parts! We completely undid our walk in one bite, but I know I didn’t care. It was incredible.
What to do in Sun Valley Resort in a hurry!

After a quick bird bath, we got a tour of the hotel to learn more about the history, get all the insider secrets, and fall more in love with it as we went.

Here is the sun room, And the sun coming in here in the morning is really something to behold!!

Make the most of your visit to historic Sun Valley Resort! -

Did you know that Clint Eastwood has his own suite named after him at Sun Valley?! That’s how you know you’ve made it in life. With three balconies, the suite captures all the best views that the resort has to offer.

Not to mention, there is a bowling alley downstairs. So feel free to ditch the kids, and head to the spa. At least that would be my plan, with or without kids.

And as we all know Sun Valley has skiing in their veins, it’s what they do best. But whether you are there during the summer, or during the ski season, it is a captivating location to behold with summer concerts by famous singers and songwriters in their amphitheater, and open ice skating rinks all year long.

What to do in Sun Valley Resort in a hurry!

Thank you again, to the Idaho Dairymen’s Association for our trip at Sun Valley Resort and Sun Valley for hosting us!

A Quick Trip to Sun Valley